What is food history?

Food history is exactly what it sounds like: the study of the production and consumption of foods in eras past. The field is incredibly broad and encompasses topics from the history of agriculture to the development of supply chains and the evolution of culinary culture. The main uniting factor is that these topics link to the things that humanity has eaten over the centuries.

Where do all your beautiful images come from?

Since our magazine focuses on history, we try to use archival and public domain images as much as possible to illustrate our magazine. There are a whole host of online repositories for such works, the majority hosted by libraries, museums, and universities worldwide.

How often is a new EATEN released?

The magazine is tri-annual, meaning we publish three magazines each year. The exact date of publication varies depending on our printer's schedule but generally a new edition is released in the first two weeks of February, June, and October.

I own a bookstore/café/retail stop. How can I stock EATEN?

We're always happy to hear from new stores interested in carrying the magazine. Send us an email at and we can provide all the details. Alternatively, check out our wholesale page on FAIRE.

Can I subscribe to EATEN?

Yes, of course! We have an annual subscription available here.

How do I update my mailing address for a subscription?

Unfortunately we do not get notifications if you update your mailing address on your personal account. If you email us at we will update your records in our subscription database.

I purchased a subscription but I'm not sure if it's still active. What do I do?

We have records of every purchase made of our magazine, so is you email us at we can find your order history. New subscriptions on the site will tell you if they are active or not, so if you login you should get an update.

I think my magazine got lost in the mail. Help!

Just send us an email at and we will do our best to figure out what happened to your order.

Do you take submissions?

Yes, but only at certain times of the year and only in response to our calls for pitches. All details for submitting to EATEN can be found on our contributors page.

Are you hiring?

Not at the moment, no. If this changes at any point soon, we will be sure to share all of our available positions on social media and our website.

I want to know about my rights to privacy and the terms of use for this website?

All the legalese your heart desires is below.